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How did you feel the last time you paid for your Car Service or vehicle repairs? Were you sure all that was done was really necessary? Did you leave wondering what it was exactly that you paid for? Did you want to tell your friends and family how great the service was or did you want to compare the all too common "taken advantage of" stories? If you didn't leave confident in the quality of work, with complete understanding of all the services completed and paid for, and if you didn't receive a smiling thank you, you obviously didn’t come AutoCare Centre.

We are so confident in our level of service that we back it up with a very good warranty. Our warranty policy is a leading example in our industry, providing our customers with parts and labour coverage for 12 months or 12,000 miles, and your money back if your not 100% happy.

To the right, here is an image of a timing belt kit and water pump being replaced on one of our customers cars. Its the best practice if the water pump is driven by the timing belt as it could save further costs and damage in the future. The belt is an important part of keeping the timing on your engine running together with the top and the bottom sections, in most cases if it breaks it can cause extensive engine damage. This is why manufactures have a recommended interval for it to be changed.

Unlike your brakes or suspension, there is no warning sign that your timing belt is worn out. Your car will simply be running smoothly one moment and fail the next.

Given this, it's imperative to observe the service guidelines in your manufacturer’s service book and always get your timing belt replaced on time. For some cars, this can mean a timing belt replacement every 60 000 miles or four years.

Small Service up to 1.6cc £64.99
Interim Service up to 1.6cc £84.99
Full Service up to 1.6cc £139.99
Major Service up to 1.6cc £159.99

Please Note: Additional charges will be made for Iridium, platinum plugs if due. All prices include parts, labour and Vat.

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For over 20 years we have pioneered the Car Servicing and repair industry and have a heritage our competitors can only envy..

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Frequently Asked Questions

You are not obliged (since October 2003) to get the car serviced by a franchise dealer during the warranty period. You must though get it serviced according to the manufacturer's recommended schedule and criteria using only manufacturer approved parts.

Synthetics and semi-synthetics give improved performance at high temperatures and support extended standard drain intervals. They are the preferred choice for high perfomance cars or for drivers who value long life/durability.

Regular servicing is important for health and to maintain the system working effectively. Up to 15% of the refrigerant gas will be lost annually. It is best practice to Service air-conditioning units every 30,000 miles or two years to avoid costly repairs.

There's not a standard change interval for cambelts. Depending on the model and the manufacturer, the recommended interval can be anywhere between 30,000 miles and 100,000 miles. There will often be a time-based interval specified too e.g. 60,000 miles or five years, whichever is the sooner. In most cases cambelt failure results in serious damage to many other components in the engine - a major rebuild or even replacement engine will be required!

If additional work is required on the day, we will contact you for authorisation before starting any additional work. No work will be completed without your authorisation.

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